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Nature. Details.

I love to make the moment last by taking photos of the beautiful nature around us. And I want to share this with everyone, to show them how different but beautiful the world around us is... in a way representing our inner worlds.

Each photo is a story in itself. It is a mood. A feeling. A moment of being.

Bring nature into your life...

If you would like to have any of my photos brought into your daily life as a reminder of how beautiful the world around us is and maybe you want to decorate your house, shop, workplace or maybe think one of these photos would be a beautiful gift to someone you love, do get in touch with me.

You can get my photos as:

  • acrylic prints

  • metal prints

  • canvas

  • postcards

  • screensavers

  • ....

Prices do vary, based on the format, material and size - please send me a message to discuss.

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